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 How To Set Up Your


Now that you have decided to host a Comedy Hypnosis Show, this article will show you how to set up your stage hypnosis show.

 Stage hypnosis can be one of the most exciting types of variety entertainment you and your audience will ever experience! Folks can be hypnotized in large theatres, banquet rooms, gymnasiums, back yard lawns, restaurants, and just about every type of venue imaginable.  Something I’ve learned over the years is that the set-up of a hypnotist show has tons to do with how well the show goes.  So in this article, I'm going to show you how to set up your stage hypnotist show in a safe and effective way.

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Keeping it Simple

There are just a few things that will make the show a success. Your chosen location can be adapted to meet the needs of the show. Here are the considerations for your set up.

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One of the areas of least concern.

We’ll start with the simple part – Lighting.  Of course we need lights for a show.  How else are we supposed to see the hypnotized subjects do all that wild stuff your stage hypnotist has them do?  But to be honest, lighting is one of the areas of least concern for a show.  Unless on a formal stage the option is usually off or on.  I tend to move around a lot during my shows and am constantly interacting with the audience.  Plus, sometimes a few people get hypnotized right where they’re seated in the audience.   So, I’ve found it works best if you leave the full house lights on during the program.  Besides, studies show that your group will remember more and laugh more with full lights on.

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The Stage

The bigger the stage area the better.

You will need to provide an adequate stage or space for your stage hypnotist show. Don’t worry, one of the great things about stage hypnosis is that it can be performed almost anywhere.   The two important things are safety and space.  Make sure you have at least, a 16′ x 24′ space, big enough to fit at least 15 chairs across the stage – in one row.   The bigger the stage area the better. A raised stage makes it much better for the audience to see to performance.   The more chairs (and volunteers) that can be included in the hypnosis demonstration the better.  And YES, a school gymnasium will be just fine as bleacher seating allows for good viewing.

Also, remove any podiums, tables, or other stage hazards.

Raised Stage Platform (1.2 X 1.2 metres).jpeg
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Hand Held Wireless Microphone & Sound System

Supply your hypnotist with a sound system that’s equipped with a hand-held WIRELESS microphone. Again, always use a wireless microphone for your hypnotist show.  Corded microphones are a hazard. Unsecured cords are a potential hazard for tripping and make it difficult to move around a stage full of volunteers.

The Sound Equipment

The sound system requires a simple mixer board hooked up to left and right speakers that are able to fill the room with music. In addition, a separate speaker monitor speaker is required at the front center of the stage which will used to provide the sound to the participants up on the stage. Mr. Prince will bring a laptop / iPad as the audio source to be hooked up into the mixer board. An audio cord is needed to run from the laptop / iPad to the mixer board audio input.  Mr. Prince will control changing the songs remotely from the stage. 

This sound system is very similar to what a DJ might use for their music.

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Participant's Chairs

Make sure that the chairs that will be used for volunteers are in good condition. As an extra precaution, secure the chairs with Gaffers Tape or Duct Tape.  Volunteers often slide out of their chairs.  Tapeing the chairs together on each side will ensure volunteers don’t slide in between chairs, or the chair doesn’t fall on top of them.
For optimal safety, use Gaffers Tape to secure your chairs together.  This will prevent chairs falling over as some hypnotized people tend to slide out of their chairs.

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