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Comedy Hypnosis Show

An Inspirational Mix of Entertainment, Participation and Personal Motivation

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Frank's show takes entertainment to another level of excitement and fun through his ability to hypnotize perfect strangers and get them to do hilarious and surprising things.
Beyond the entertainment is the opportunity to learn about hypnosis and about some of it's misconceptions.
Frank does not pick the participants who come up on stage. Rather, he introduces the entire audience to how hypnosis works and even does a few tests of the subconscious to help them determine if they are in the right frame of mind to be hypnotized. Then he asks for volunteers to fill the seats on the stage. It is actually the volunteers who become the stars of the show.

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The Show
A 60 Minute Magical Journey

Everyone in the audience has the opportunity to volunteer to take part in the show and become an instant star or just sit back, relax and watch the fun unfold. There is never any pressure to volunteer. Most often Frank runs out of seats on stage as there are so many people who want to join in. Through the power of the subconscious mind, both the volunteers and those in the audience experience a journey to many different places around the world. While there they will see, hear and even feel all that is going on as though it is real life. It is a fun adventure for everyone.


Afraid to be Hypnotized?

Many people are afraid of hypnosis because the don't understand it. They believe it is "Mind Control". They believe you can be "Made to do things against your will". 

But these BELIEFS are not true. The truth is that Frank tells a story and you follow along with that story. Just like watching a movie. You, hypnotize yourself. If you don't want to be hypnotized you can't be hypnotized. People volunteer because they want to experience the journey. They would wake up immediately if asked to do something against their will.

Too strong of a Mind to be Hypnotized?

Some people believe it requires a weak minded person to be Hypnotized. This also is not true. A person who is good at being Hypnotized can focus and pay attention. They have the ability to tap into their creative subconscious. It is a strong mind that can do both of these at a high level. You actually can get better and better at being hypnotized the more times you experience it.

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Side Benefits

There are multiple benefits that come as a result of being Hypnotized. One is that it allows the conscious mind to take a break as though you are getting a deep relaxing sleep. Most awaken refreshed and revitalized. Another benefit from Frank's shows in particular is that you learn and practice a method for tapping into your personal creativity at any point in time in the future. This can be an amazingly powerful resource. Travel Services
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Spend More Time With Frank

He's also a Mentalist!!

And that's just the tip of the to speak. When Frank comes to town it's not just an in and out of there. He wants to share all the things he knows, can do, and experiences you can connect with. Click the Button Below to go to his personal website: There is a sure fire place to find something you are curious about and would love to learn more. About
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Frank Prince

Your Hypnotist

Frank has been doing hypnosis as a certified practitioner since 1994. He utilized these advanced communications skills with many individuals and groups. After many years of people telling him that they wanted him to make people run around clucking like chickens and bark like dogs. He finally gave in. Frank, in 2017 began to study the fine art form of Comedy Stage Hypnosis. Frank travelled to Las Vegas and began mentoring under some of the best in stage hypnotists in the world. He began travelling to state fairs and performing for groups multiple times daily. Over time, Frank developed a family friendly Comedy Stage Hypnosis show that introduces the audience to hypnosis and helps them to understand more about the power of the mind. He allows anyone to volunteer and come on stage to experience the show. The volunteers truly become the “Stars of the Show”. This fun and entertaining event is perfect for an evening celebration, holiday party, national sales meeting, or even a conference. Frank delivered his show as the opening keynote to the International Creativity Conference in Pretoria, South Africa in 2022 to an audience of 350 people. Insightful, fun and entertaining… it’s an event you will want to invite all of your friends to come and attend. You never know, they might just volunteer to be in the show!!

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Set Up for Your Comedy Hypnosis Show

How to make your upcoming hypnosis show fun, safe and entertaining for everyone. About Us

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